China Glaze Fresh Prince-ss, love hearts and dots

Friday, December 09, 2016

I miss polishing my nails. It has indeed been awhile. I had some posts which were long overdue and thought I'd upload them whilst I try to find the time and effort to get back into everything. 

This one is China Glaze's Fresh Prince-ss, a lovely sweet pink.
The formula of this one is like most other pastel pale pink you'd find out there. Streaky at one or two coats and the third just about covers everything. The top coat smooths everything out.


But not quite yet. I've always liked the whole pink, white, gold and black combination. So I used all of those colours to add some freehand hearts and dots. Clearly still need a bit of work on the freehand stuff but I'm feeling the end look.

Hope you enjoyed reading my first post I've done in a while :D

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