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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In my last post I mentioned that I made a light box after wanting one for so long and here it is. Took me ages to find a right sized cardboard box in the house. I considered making it collapsible to save space but after a little trial with some scraps I couldn't make it work.

NOTE: If you're going to have an attempt at making one for yourself please be EXTRA careful. I remember reading that you should always push the craft knife AWAY from yourself but me being careless and all took this advice too lightly. I almost took a piece out of myself, luckily the knife got caught onto my fluffy robe. Thank gosh for that!

I had to secure my box with extra cardboard and tape because my light has to be balanced on top, without the extra support it might collapse before I've used it enough. It's still going strong though, I don't let the light sit on top for very long either.

A light box photo of the Color club Fiesta collection

Polishes against the black paper background

Polishes against the white

Polishes upright against the white background

For my background I took a trip to Paperchase after Uni to pick up some paper, one black one white. After some test shots it seemed like the white background looked better through the photos. The black was okay but some colours ended up looking a bit different against it in the pictures. Maybe when I get bored of the white backdrop then I could always switch between the two.

Here's a quick comparison just to let you see the difference between the photo.

  • Before: This was taken against a blank piece of paper during the day
  • After: A lightbox photo
  • After + brighten: The lightbox photo after tweaking with the brightness through a photo editing software.
I might continue taking some outdoor photos on my balcony if I happen to photograph my nails during the day since those ones tend to come out quite clear. We'll see how things go though, now that I've made a lightbox my manicures are often done at night time.

What do you think of my new photos? Better? The same? Or prefer the old ones? 

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  1. I like how they look with the light box and after you fixed the exposure. I'd love to see the nail swatches with the light box as well. I can't see myself using a light box, it's just way too cumbersome for my work area. I can't picture myself sticking my hand in a box and then try to take a picture. That's gotta be awkward or maybe that's just all in my head. I need to find a few different back drop too.

  2. @Pang Ly

    Whenever I can I'll try doing some swatches using the lightbox. I know what you mean, I'm still getting used to positioning my hand in the box and posing but it's really not that bad. If you do redo your backdrop I'd like to see how it turns out :)

  3. Great job! I love my DIY light box and use it all the time! Maybe I should make a post about it too... :-)


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