Bad news and pre-hiatus notice!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I know I said I'll post every other day, I've done a good job up until now but this time I have more than a valid reason! 

I was unlucky enough to bump into these low life bummers after work who must have thought it would've helped their get rich quick scheme by stealing from me. My whole bag was stolen and I was left with a few scrapes, scratches and bruises so instead of blogging I've been trying to recover the important stuff I lost as well as getting some rest.

This made me grateful for the people who care about me and I'm happy that they were only aiming for my valuable items than anything else. Those could be replaced but I was most annoyed about my glasses. They've not only robbed me of my personal items but also my vision. I've been wearing the remaining contacts I have in my drawers since and will have to do so until my new glasses come which after all the fees have added up cost me a bomb too! My eyes are very strained and tired, even my opticians said so which is holding me back from working on my laptop and that includes blogging.

Other than that, that morning before work I accidentally knocked over my cup of tea. Want to know what got wet? My camera! One of the essentials to blogging! I thought it would've been fine since it was just a little more than a few drops that hit it but after messing with my camera just now I'm seeing problems with the camera screen. Now that I have no camera to work with I'll be forced to have a break after posting all that I've lined up for you.

This means that other than my glasses, phone, personal cards and a few other items, I also have to replace my camera. ££££££! Lucky I currently have a part time job and an active Swagbucks account to help me cover for my loss but it's the fear and shock that needs time to overcome.

So everyone please be more alert! Make sure you don't show any of your belongings and take out your earphones when walking home especially if it's dark and quiet. Ask a family member to pick you up if possible. Be more aware of your surroundings and who's behind you! 

Thanks for understanding and everyone stay safe!

Anyone recommend any good cameras within the £50-£200 price range that is suitable for nail blogging?

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  1. oh wow I am so sorry to hear this and at the same time I am glad to hear that you will be ok. I've always been afraid of walking alone in unfamiliar places or places I can't trust. I've envisioned many times the things that could happen to me so I am always careful. You're right being aware of your surrounding and avoid these type of confrontations are your best chances of not turning into a victim. Hope things get better for you soon. Take care.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you! I can only imagine how violated you must feel. Best of luck replacing everything (including piece of mind) and take as much time as you need!

  3. OMG I'm so glad to hear you are okay! I'm so sorry this happened to you, that must have been horrifying!

  4. Oh so sorry to hear this, some people are just so awful.

    Also not good that your sight it also suffering now as a result of it and you accidently broke your camera! You definitely need some good lucky very soon.

    Fee x

  5. aww no! So sorry this has happened to you, people can be so heartless! Hope you feel better soon though :)

    I'm currently running a giveaway, check it out here :)


  6. So sorry to hear that that happened to you! It's sad that there are people like that in this world. Sorry to hear about your camera as well! How unfortunate!

  7. @Pang Ly

    Thanks Pang! I'm almost fully healed physically and emotionally. The worst thing was it wasn't even anywhere unfamiliar, it was right outside my house so everyone should always be alert because you never know who you'll come across. Things will get better though :) x

  8. @Doctor Pretty

    Thanks! To be honest I don't really mind about my possessions apart from my glasses but it's the shock and sleepless nights that I had to deal with after. I think I'm better, should be able to come back real soon

  9. @Chantal Halley

    Thanks Chantal! Yes it was, still can't believe this happened to me and such people are out there!

  10. @Fee - Makeup Savvy

    I know right! Such people disgust me! Seriously!

    Had to be the worst my eyes had to go through but I'm glad I've received my new glasses. I do have some luck though because my camera is now fixed!!

  11. @Lauren

    Thanks Lauren. I agree but I can't let heartless bums like so ruin my life. Gotta move on :)

    I'll check out your giveaway if it's still on :)

  12. @Ty

    Yep and we'll never understand why they're like that. Eurgh!
    It's okay though, my camera is now fixed. WOOOO!


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