NOTD: Candy stripes and glitter tips

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It’s officially Spring tomorrow and already I'm bringing out all my pastels and brights.

This manicure consists of two main shades both from Essie and two glitters from China Glaze. On my index and middle finger are three coats of Absolutely shore which Essie describes as 'a soft sea foam green', a pretty fair description if you ask me. 

On the rest I applied three coats of Essie's Van D'go. Van D'go is said to be a 'peachy keen shade' and is lovely but it always makes my hand look a bit dark and tanned whenever I’m wearing it.

Photo taken indoors with artificial light


Products I used:

  • Index: Essie's Absolutely shore as base
    Using striping tape to line the tips and paint over with Essie's Van D'go

  • Middle: Absolutely shore as base
    Sponged with China Glaze's Lorelei's tiara on tips

  • Ring: Van D'go as base
    Using striping tape again to line the nail and paint over with Absolutely shore
    Stamped the lollipop image from plate BM02 with OPI's Conquistadorable color
    Went over the image with China Glaze's Ring in the red since OPI’s CC didn’t seem to show properly

  • Pinkie: Van D'go as base
    Sponged with ring in the red on tips

All other photos taken indoors, natural light

This is how the manicure looked before I added the stamping. I could’ve left everything like so but for some reason the striping tape left behind some black marks. It's most obvious on the accent nail which kept annoying me so I covered it with a lollipop image. Much prefer the 'before' look.

What's your favourite pastel shades? 

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  1. Wow omg so gorgeous! Love the glitter designs, sooo pretty! you're so talented! <3

    1. Thanks girllll! Wouldn't call myself talented though :) Thanks.

  2. So pretty and sweet! I love the blue and pink color combination you used for this! :-)

    ~ Yun


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