Models own fruit pastel collection review and swatches

Saturday, April 13, 2013

In my last haul I told you about my haul from Boots and the goodies I took home with me. Here's the Models own fruit pastel collections and some swatches. This set includes five pastel colours and the special thing about them is they're scented!

L-R: Banana split, Strawberry tart, Blueberry muffin, Grape juice, Apple pie

Here's a shot of all the stickers on the bottle caps except blueberry muffin which didn't come with one, it most probably got picked off before I got my hands on them. If you give the stickers a little scratch it gives off a fruity scent. Must say I was impressed that it actually worked and smelled quite nice. I didn't want to play with it too much though just in case all the scent disappeared before I've tried the polish.

Banana split. This is a lovely light pastel yellow and by far the best yellow I own. This one has a runny formula and is pretty streaky especially on the first coat. On my index and middle finger I applied two layer but three on my ring and pinkie. Having a third coat is much better and I'd say stop there because the nails were starting to look kind of thick.

Strawberry tart. Very straightforward pink pastel creme. Like banana split this one was also slightly runny and streaky. Here I'm wearing two coats and even so you could see that it's still a little streaky. Three coats would've been better but don't remember why I just decided to stop there.

Blueberry muffin. Pastel sky blue. The formula, streakiness and application is just like that of the two above. I ended up with two coats here.

Grape juice. Pastel purple creme with a little hint of pink to it. Runny and sheer but everything looked fine with two coats.

Apple juice. Minty pastel green. Same formula as above and I'm wearing two coats in the photos.

This is a lovely collection for Spring. All swatches were taken without top coat. Since they're scented having a top coat might affect how much scent you'll get out of each wear and they do smell pretty nice. Dry time is average and only after it has fully dried will you be able to smell the scent properly. I wore apple juice for a little while longer and realised the smell starts to fade after a day which is good enough, after all I do eat a lot of finger food which means washing my hands frequently.

This is the first time trying Models own polishes, their brushes are thin and light. I guess that's to do with the  plastic bottle cap which reduces the weight. All the ones in this collection had a runny formula and require at least two to three coats. Thankfully the polish is self leveling so you don't have to worry about it looking smooth or not.

As for the streak on the left side of my ring finger, that has nothing to do with the polish itself. I just have a ridge there which tends to show as a streak. Don't mind the marks on the pinkie in some swatches too. It's what happens a lot of the time when start picturing my nails when they're not fully dry.

I realised some of the swatches in term of the paint job and lighting definitely isn't great but it'll have to make do. All photos were taken indoors but I'm considering making a light box once I gather the right materials.I could use the awesome light my sister purchased but I'm missing a cardboard box. We actually don't have a spare one lying around the house and I need to figure out a way to keep the light hovering above since it doesn't have a stand.

Do you own any Model's own polishes? What's your favourite? Will you be purchasing any from this collection?

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  1. This is a really cute collection and how cool that they are also scented. I've not tried the brand since it's not available here.

    1. Thanks. Aww that's a shame, they're pretty good polishes to have in one's collection but I'm sure a dupe could be found somewhere near you.

  2. I don't have any Model's Own... yet!
    These are all beautiful, I love your swatches! But it sucks that some require 3 coats, I'm not a big fan of 3 coats for cream polishes.

    As a side note, I finally posted the answers to the Liebster Award yesterday. And those 11 random facts - not the easiest thing to do, lol!

    1. Lol hopefully one day you'll add some to your stash. I understand what you mean, 3 coats is pushing it a bit. I used to think that as well until I learned that another coat might not hurt lol.

      Hard right? I took a long time doing it as well xD

  3. These are so cute! I especially like the mint one. And how neat that they are scented! I only wish it was easier to get Models Own where I am. :-)

    ~ Yun

  4. These are sooooo pretty on you! And perfect for spring!


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