NOTD: Lined tips below deck

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Very simple manicure today :)

Products I used:
  • Two coats of China Glaze's Below deck as the base
  • Black striping tape to line the tips
  • OPI's Russian navy to line the tips on the accent nail
  • Flower image on plate BM03 stamped with Konad polish in royal purple
  • Light blue rhinestone placed in the middle of the flower
All photos taken indoors.

China Glaze's Below deck is actually more of a purple-brown but it looks just like a normal brown in all the photos I took.

I used OPI's Russian navy thinking it'd show up against the base but it turned out looking black. It was almost the same case with the Konad polish. 

I was planning to stamp just one flower onto the middle of my accent nail but as you can see I totally missed the spot. Ended up adding more flowers on the side plus a rhinestone to make up for the mistake.

The striping tape didn't last long either. Taped it onto my nail in the morning and it started peeling by the night.

What do you think of my manicure?

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  1. The black stripes kind of remind me of a Crayola crayon. x) Haha, but I love it, it's cute. I don't own Below The Deck, but I want it! Hopefully I can still find it out around somewhere. :)

    1. Lol I wouldn't have thought of the crayons. Thanks. I'm sure you could find it somewhere because I think I bought mine way after it was first realised.

  2. Cute mani! I especially like the accent nail with the flower and the blue rhinestone! :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. Until recently I was not interested in brown polish but this colour is so rich, I love it! I'm going to hunt down a bottle ;)

    p.s now following your blog :)

    1. Thanks for the follow. It's more of a purple brown though but it's nice to have :)
      P.s following your blog too. You do real good nail art.

  4. Very nice mani! I love that you consider something with striping tape, stamping, and a rhinestone "simple"--I feel I've done something fancy if I've got only one of those going on. :)

    1. Thanks! In terms of how it looks I think it's simple but with how much I used it kind of isn't lol.


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