OPI Ski teal we drop and CG's Holo at ya girl

Sunday, January 08, 2017

This post is about a shade I'm sure I've posted about before because it's such a good basic classic to go back to from time to time. This was the manicure I had on for my holiday to Hong Kong and it actually held up well for 10 days. There was obviously some tip wear and a small chip here and there but it did good enough.

The base used for this manicure was OPI's Ski teal we dropped. This shade is easily done with two coats. The decent formula and OPI's signature large brush makes it easier to apply. I could leave it as it but I rarely would especially when It's going to be on for 10 days.

For this manicure:

  • Apply one coat of your preferred base coat (I used Essie's Protein base coat)
  • Paint two coats of OPI's Ski teal we drop on all nails.
  • Use the Bundle Monster BM-S104: Cosmic blossoms image plate from their Shangri La collection and Barry M's gold foil to stamp the flower looking part onto the middle finger nail.
  • Layer China Glaze's Holo at ya girl over the ring finger nail. HAYG is as the name suggests a bit of holo glitter mixed with some gold and green in a clear base. For the middle finger design some 'petals' were actually filled in with the glitter but it's not so apparent.
  • Apply a top coat to seal everything. (I used OPI's fast forward top coat)

Realised anything different between the first two and last photo? It's a little hard not to right? The first two were taken in daylight whilst the third was with a light box. The colours look best in daylight especially my skin tone. I wish I could keep taking advantage of natural light like that but my nail routine is 90% carried out at night. Nevertheless I will still look for ways to keep improving my photography and photos for you.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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