Essie's Sand tropez

Monday, August 12, 2013

Some of you might already be familiar with this shade since it's been talked about quite a few times. I'd still like to blog about it though just because it looks good against my skin colour even on its own. It's one of the first nudes I discovered that doesn't wash out my skin tone.

Essie's Sand Tropez is a ‘soft sandy beige’ with a runny formula. The first coat was streaky but the second was much better with just one or two streaks left. I'd suggest being careful with how much you load on your brush also when going over each coat since there's a chance the brush will drag the polish and leave those annoying empty spaces. That tends to happen to quite a few of my manicures whenever I come across these polishes.

I have two coats on every nail except for my index finger which has three to cover up a small accident; it was too obvious to leave it as so. I tried smoothing things out, it works most times but in this case it was better to add another coat.

Overall it had a good drying time. This is sand Tropez without a top coat because I had plans to add more to it. Even so, it still has a good shine.

What’s your favourite nude? What are you sporting on your nails today?

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  1. A great classic color - I turn to mine often.

  2. Sand Tropez is one of my favorite nudes!


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