First blog post! NOTD: I’m first mate because I’m a sexy siren

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I previously did my first stamping manicure but I wanted to switch it up for work. I know my employee handbook stated that our polish was not to have any designs but I wanted to challenge this and decided to layer some glitter on the tips *Evil smile. Come on, it’s only glitter and it’s only on the tips.

I used two coats of China Glaze’s first mate from their Anchors away collection which is a soft blue creme. It is real opaque; one slightly thick coat is enough if you apply it evenly but as always I did two. It is a little runny though so you have to make sure you take off the excess before you apply otherwise it’ll just end up flooding your nails.

I had such a hard time deciding which glitter to add on top. I had CG’s Solar flare at first, when I applied it to the tips it looked gorgeous but it didn’t look even so I covered the whole nail. I still wasn’t sure of it so I tried out Color club’s sexy siren which has light blue and holo glitters in a clear base and applied it to the tips of my middle finger. The glitter polish didn’t look like it applied nicely so I might need to work on that another time.

All photos taken indoors, natural light

After layering, removing, smudging and removing my polish multiple times I ended up with Sexy siren layered over the whole of each nail. Forget about the tips, that can wait for next time but I was feeling for some bling bling! *GRINS*

I woke up the next morning and looked at it clearly, it’s nice but I wasn’t crazy over it. I do still like it though.

What do you think of my NOTD? What polish are you currently wearing?

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