Neon saran wrap with Models own

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Since this manicure is simple I think I’ll keep this post the same as well.
Ever since swatching the Models own ice neon collection I've always wanted to bring it back out and use it for some sort of nail art.

Here’s a neon saran wrap I tried during the hottest days we had this year. It would've been a mistake to not bring out those neons for it to shine bright under the sun. 

The base is Essie’s Blanc and using saran wrap or as we call it here in the UK, cling film, I dabbed MO’s Luis lemon first before going ahead and adding MO's toxic apple, the neon green after. This manicure turned out insanely bright but fun.

MO's Luis lemon and toxic apple saran wrapped over Essie's Blanc. Outdoor photo.
Below are pictures of how things looked before adding MO's toxic apple. It was how I was going to leave things as but the more I looked the more plain it looked. Instead of wondering if it'll be better with another shade saran wrapped on top I went ahead and did it. 

MO's Luis lemon saran wrapped over Essie's Blanc. Light box photo
MO's Luis lemon saran wrapped over Essie's Blanc. Outdoor photo
What's your favourite neon shade?

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  1. Looks great, I love a good neon yellow :)

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