Recreating an old manicure - OPI's Lucky lucky lavender & BM stamping

Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's almost 3am here in London so I'm going keep things short and sweet here. Work has been crazy since the amount of overtime I've done is making me feel like a full time worker. On top of that I've been preparing for an upcoming interview this Monday. Ahh stress! All my energy is shared out between work and my sister's pet bunny that I have very little for blogging but I'm going to do what I can. I'd hate to give up on this blog!

Anyway, this was a manicure done a year or so ago. Whilst flipping through my old pictures, I thought it would've been nice to recreate again.

Light box photo.

The base is OPI's Lucky lucky lavender, just a very pinky lavender shade which is definitely underused in my collection. It required at least three coats for me due to the first two being sheer but everything looked okay on the third. The formula itself was thin and runny and apparently clean up didn't feel smooth either (or so that's what my manicure notes in scruffy handwriting says LOL.) This is LLL on it's own without a top coat.

Light box photo.

Using the Konad stamping polish in white I stamped the image from the Bundle monster plate 224. If you look properly you'll see I also added pink rhinestones on each nail apart from the pinkie, as to why I left that one out? I don't even know myself.

Indoor window photo.

My manicure in a different hand position to let you see how it looks. Light box photo.

 One more thing before I end this post. I'd just like to announce that:


There's not much on it at the moment but I'll be posting about other things other than nails like my sister's bunny and yummy yummy food ^^ Click to follow!

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  1. I never bought Lucky lavender and now really wish I had it! it's hot hot where I live and will be for another month at least...I am loving my spring shades since pastels are hot for fall it seems..i just cannot get into wearing typical fall shades - it's too hot still and am in shorts and sun dresses!


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