Some good news, a NOTD and a FURRRRRY little update! :D

Sunday, September 08, 2013

After all the stress I went through I'm happy to announce that I'm back once again! I'd like to thank my old and new followers also to FEE from Makeup Savvy for recommending my blog on hers. It was a really nice surprise to come back to! THANKS FEE!

Emotionally and physically I've been recovering well and most of my possessions have been replaced but I could only care about my glasses which I've finally received and I've been wearing them everyday even to work to give my eyes the much needed rest.

Earlier I mentioned my camera being water damaged but learning from previous experience I decided to stop fiddling with it immediately and followed through with the rice method in an attempt to save it. (Thank gosh for being Asian and forever having rice in this household.) After leaving it in our rice tub for a few days it still turned out broken so after frustration I smacked it one before flinging it on my bed and kicking it around when I sleep. Pulled it out for the last time some days ago and it worked! I'll need to manage my time for some nail pampering soon, been busy lately and you'll know why later on in this post.

Now, to carry on with showing you my past manicures. Here's Essie's Lapis of luxury layered with China Glaze's Marry a millionaire done back in mid-July.

CG's Marry a millionaire over 3 coats of Essie's Lapis of luxury.

Essie's Lapis of Luxury had a normal consistency which is weird because from what I remember back then it had more of a runny formula, I guess after so long it's thickened up to be more normal. The first coat was sheer as with the second only being a little better. I'm wearing three coats in the photos and you could still sort of see some VNL but since I was thinking of layering something else on top it really didn't matter. It dries very fast and shiny and this is without top coat.

Essie's Lapis of luxury on its own. Three coats.

This is how things look with two coats of CG's Marry a millionaire on top. Overall I'd recommend three coats of this or trying to catch more glitter by applying a thicker coat. Its thin to normal consistency doesn't make your manicure look thick but you should pay attention in applying it evenly because some patches would appear sheerer than others.

Two coats of CG's MAM on Essie's LoL.

Here's the finished look with three coats. CG's MaM is a mix of lavender pink and purple small glitters along with turquoise bar glitters and maybe some holo? Yep I'd put a question mark there because there's so much going on that I can't even figure out what's actually there.

Three coats of CG's MaM on Essie's LoL.

And here's the reason why I've been pretty busy lately.

Everyone, meet MOCHA!

(He's not quite a true mocha colour but he's cute enough to take up the name!)

My sister bought this fluff ball home not too long ago and since we share a room together I've automatically been given the responsibility of looking after him. My parents aren't 100% keen on him so he's currently residing in our room until we decide whether he'll be permanently housed inside or out.

At almost 10 weeks old he's playful and fluffy but he just hasn't managed to get his litter training right yet. One minute he gets it right and the next his bits and bobs are everywhere. I guess since he's still a baby we've got to give him more time and patience or explore different approaches since the ones we learnt from the internet isn't fully succeeding. 

Everything about him worries us from his body, the way he runs, jumps, and eats to his bedding, litter tray, toys, hygiene and so much more! It's like we became mothers overnight. Being inexperienced pet owners ourselves we've done so much research since we got him, I don't even think I did this much during my last year of University. 

All these photos were taken when he was 9 weeks old but the past few days he's been growing quite a bit, much faster than I thought he would especially his ears and feet. He's also fluffier and a little rounder on the backside LOL.

We'll learn though, we want this little fluffy bum to be healthy and have the longest and happiest life while he's with us!!

Mocha: H-Hey what you looking at?!

Mocha: Pffft, couldn't care less. NOMNOMNOMNOM!

Mocha: This is actually a great hiding place. She can't see me right?

Mocha: She gone yet?

Mocha: Well, you can talk to my fluffy backside!

And here's a closeup of this furry buddy :D

Any rabbit owners out there that can give me some good advice on raising him? Or any other pet owners?

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Love the nails:) And Mocha is too cute:)I love his fur color:)

  2. Oh goodness, Mocha is just darling! Glad you're enjoying having a new pet, they are wonderful! :)

  3. the glitter polish in the photos is "marry a millionaire" by china glaze.

  4. @oObunillaOo

    OMG Thanks for that. Just read through it and realised I mixed the names up. Corrected it now :)


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