Saturday, May 31, 2014

Some of you may or may not have noticed that I've changed the name of my blog so you might find the watermark on some of my photos different from my blog name. There’s more than a few photos with the old watermark which I haven’t even started writing up the posts for yet but they’ll be making an appearance soon. Hopefully.

Months ago I felt like I was having a manicure crisis when my base coat dropped on the floor and broke on the spot. I wanted to kick myself because I usually only have one base coat and one top on hand. New ones are only purchased when they’re needed but I guess that needs to be changed. A backup will always be handy!

Whilst shopping for a new base coat I added a Misa top coat to my order since my current one was almost finished. Pretty good timing huh? But I'm quite disappointed with it. I've owned a Misa top coat before and back then really liked the fact that it protected my manicures well enough and the shiny finish it gave, better than some others I've tried. This one just had a strong chemical smell to it. Don’t know what’s going on with this one but I'm hoping the next time I purchase another thing of theirs it won’t be like that again.

I've seen so many people post those beautiful matte manicures on Instagram that it made me want to own a matte polish so in my basket that China Glaze matte polish went too.
The Jessica polishes belong to the A night at the Opera fall 2013 collection. I've never given this brand a try but I've seen a few swatches here and there so here’s my chance to start doing some swatches myself and so that’s all to my haul.

I've got a massive bunch of photos to edit for you guys but after sticking with me for 5 years my laptop finally gave up on me. Now I'm trying to get used to a new laptop operating on Windows 8 and a newer update of the photo editing software I usually use. Hopefully I can improve my pace and get all these posts up soon :)

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