The barry M royal textured glitter collection

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I bring to you an old collection today from Barry M, the Royal textured effect which came out during Autumn/Winter 2013. 

Eurgh. Quality just dropped a horrible amount

First up is Princess, crushed pink, gold and with what seemed like silver glitters to me. The first coat is almost opaque with a bit of VNL and it dries to a matte finish feeling slightly rough. It’s very shimmery and girly, fits the name well. It became fully opaque at two coats. 
There’s not a lot of manicures that I’d wear without a top coat so out of curiosity I applied a thin layer.  No doubt it was a top coat eater so you’re looking at 2-3 coats before you reach the desired glossy effect. 

Barry M Majesty. Gold glitter that is about 90% opaque with the first coat and fully covered on the second. Or if preferred one thick coat could do the job but this one takes a little while to dry. Like princess it’s also a top coat eater so hide your top coats!

Barry M Duchess is full of rose pink glitters that’s formula isn’t so different from majesty. Two coats opaque. Matte finish. Top coat eater.

Barry M Lady is a white pearly shade which is sheerer and thinner than the others that were swatched. The second coat makes things better but it still doesn't stop it from showing some VNL. Even so this one still looked pretty to me. My second favourite after the next one I’ll be showing you.

Barry M Countess, glitters in a dark purple base. Two coats. Smooth application. Zooming in on the photo and I’m seeing a bit of green to it too but isn’t it gorgeous?! Looks awesome with the top coat.

There was nothing to complain with the application since that went smooth and as with other glitters it was hard to clean up especially when you have shimmers reflecting bad lighting back at you it really doesn’t help. They all dry fast except some like princess and majesty felt squidgy after top coat so give it some adequate time before you dig your nails into some hard work.
This collection is actually a nice one to have if you’re looking for fall polishes that are more exciting and I think you’re not going to get less of that here with the textured effects and the vast amount of sparkle :)

Out of all the swatches did you see any one that you liked? Do you own any Barry M polishes? What other shades of theirs are in your favourites list?

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