A boxing day haul in April?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I’ve always been behind when it comes to getting the latest nail stuff and let me tell you what else I’m late with, this post on a bunch of sale goodies that was snagged back in boxing day 2013. In fact most of the products are still sitting neatly in their packages up to this day.

Not long after the sales went live on the 26th I happened to end up on the John Lewis website with no intention of buying anything. Really. BUT then I saw items which had such good value that I didn’t want to let them slip by.

There was this Nails Inc polish diary at half price of £21 and a Ciate advent calendar for sale at the same price with an original retail value of £119. Tell me how could I let these go?!

To qualify for free shipping I also flung in two OPI polishes worth £5.75 in my basket, those being Every month is oktoberfest and Underneath the mistletoe. Only after they arrived did I realise that they were both part of the red family. It would’ve been good to get two totally different ones. Oops.

This being the first time ordering from John Lewis and considering it was during peak season; have to say I was extremely happy with the postage and packaging. You have to be when you order a few hours after midnight on the 26th and receive your order around noon on the 27th. My order was separated into two boxes with the two OPI’s in a bubble wrapped envelope in one of them.

The nails Inc diary consists of 12 nail colours which makes them a little less than £2 at the price I purchased these. The material feel like good quality, at least it’s not one of those cheap glittery boxes so no glittery residue is left behind. It also has a magnetic closure and strap, even if it won’t be used to hold the polishes it still could be kept for something else.

The Ciate Advent calendar has 24 days for you to pop open. When I was counting I’m pretty sure that’s how much there was. 19 mini polishes with 4 sequin bottles and a free funnel but 24 days? What about Christmas? Nothing there? Regardless, it’s still a good value so I’ll forget that.

Sorry about the quality of the photos. The pieces were too big to fit in my light box that I had to look for alternative ways to photograph them at night but thanks for reading ;)

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