Barry M Matte collection: Swatches

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Here's a bunch of swatches from Barry M's matte collection.

From L-R: Expresso, Crush. Caramel, Vanilla, Mocha

From L-R: Expresso, Crush. Caramel, Vanilla, Mocha

The first is Expresso, a matte black. The first coat was a little thin and streaky but it's good with two coats. No top coat.
Considering there was none of that fast dry top coat involved it dried quite fast, the top layer. Give it a bit more time and it'll dry fully without the dents on the pinkie nail.

Barry M's Crush, a berry wine. First coat went on thin and a little sheer; with the help of a thicker coat it became opaque on the second. Two coats here, no top coat.

Camarel, a nude beige. This one has normal consistency like the first two with the streaky first and good second coat to finish off. Unfortunately this shade was a close match to my skin tone so it just wasn't looking right.

Vanilla, greyish purple. Whether it's the formula, application or drying time it's very similar to the others and as mentioned before easily dented too.

The last is Barry M's Mocha, a brown. Mocha's first coat was close to being opaque so I'm guessing one thick coat would be good enough.

Overall I'd say these are good basic matte shades to keep in your collection that is unless you're looking for a more wider range of matte shades that's where I'd say a matte top coat would be more worthy. These are not bad though.

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