Matte base with jagged glitter tips

Thursday, July 31, 2014

When there's a clean matte base on your nails that calls for some nail art. I've seen some good matte glitter combinations here and there but I've not gone as far as trying it myself.

The base as I had talked about in my Barry M matte collection post is Expresso, a matte black and the red glitter is Deborah lippman's red ruby slippers (I think?!) It's the only DL polish I have but it's name is sort of a blur to me now.

For the spiky tips you'll need some sellotape or as some people call it, scotch tape and start snipping away until you're happy with the spiky edges.

It turned out a little different from what I expected. I guess if I had opted for something more shimmery I'd get that wow factor. The DL polish isn't bad but it just didn't shine well enough here.

Out of curiosity I painted over my ring finger nail with top coat for comparison purposes, it definitely made the glitter shine but it weren't as cool as the matte version for me.

Have you tried any matte polishes yet? Which ones are on your recommended list?

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