Barry M's Crush with triangles here and there

Monday, July 14, 2014

The base of this manicure is Barry M’s Crush which is a berry wine shade from their matte collection. The whole set came to my attention whilst shopping so I sweeped the 5 colours off the shelf only to realise later that a matte top coat might be better in the sense that it can transform all polishes into a matte shade.

After trying out this polish I felt the need to start experimenting. It’s what happens when you see too many girls with great matte designs that it felt like a must to do something with it. Anything. And so I finished it with crooked triangles drawn on with just a toothpick.

The pink foil shade used for the triangles is Color club’s foil me once. Had I done hearts instead of triangles it might’ve looked much better and I think I would’ve liked it more.

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