Models Own's Cerise shine and Almaz nail vinyls

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nail vinyls have got to be one of the greatest things that happened for the nail community. They're just so easy and fun to use, the outcome is also great. I get some satisfaction from peeling off the vinyls and seeing the whole design slowly appear #PEELPORN!

For this manicure:

  • Apply one coat of your preferred base coat (I used Essie's Protein base coat)
  • Paint two coats of Models Own's Cerise shine. Seal with a layer of top coat and wait at least 15-20 minutes depending on how good your top coat is before applying the nail vinyls.
  • Apply the nail vinyl over each nail, here I used the Almaz nail vinyls from Twinkle-T's website.
  • With China Glaze's Lorelei's tiara apply over each nail, wait 5-10 seconds before peeling away the vinyls. It is better to remove the vinyls whilst the polish is still a little wet to avoid tearing away any polish that you don't want to be.
  • Seal with your preferred top coat (I used INM's Out the door top coat)

Hope you enjoyed this post. I'll definitely be purchasing and experimenting with more nail vinyls so remember to check back ;)

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