Born Pretty Store review - BPS Paisley girl rectangle plate

Saturday, July 15, 2017

So whilst I was on holiday in Korea buying out all the nail polishes over there, I received an email from BPS who wanted to send me some PR samples for my review.

Before I go into detail I must clarify that even though these were sent to me for free it does not guarantee a positive review from me. 

For this manicure:
  • Apply one coat of your preferred base coat. I used OPI's Base coat.
  • Apply two coats of a basic white polish. The one I used here was from Skinfood. 
  • With Club Clio's S117 a turquoise blue and a cosmetic sponge. Sponge all nails to create the gradient effect.
  • Using Barry M's Gold foil stamp the flower image from BPS Paisley girl rectangle stamping plate #39715 on each nail.
  • Seal everything with a top coat. I used a top coat from Skinfood

My opinion. For a stamping plate which costs $2.39 (approx £2) it performed quite well. The image transferred to the stamper without problem. I was surprised at the packaging it came in. Resembled the Moyou London plates very much. I guess there's many that might be like it but I was expecting just the plate itself covered with a blue film.

Would I purchase other plates from BPS? Yes, they're cheap and they work so why not.

This single plate actually retails for $5.99 but the BPS site holds sales and discounts at times and you may be able to get it for cheaper.

You could also get 10% off with the code ATRUX31.

I received a few other items which I'm still working on reviewing so stay tuned for future posts!

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