Missha BL05 criss cross tips

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Okay I think I'm starting to get hooked on doing these half naked/tip designs. So easy and fun to do.

For this manicure:
  • Apply one coat of your preferred base coat. I used OPI's Base coat.
  • Apply two coats of Missha BL05 to the tips as if you're painting a heart. 
  • Using a nail striping brush and Skinfood white polish to draw diagonal lines to make the criss cross pattern.
  • With a yellow flower and pearl nail rhinestones apply on the ring finger nail.
  • Seal everything with a top coat. I used Skin Food's top coat.

The whole thing kind of reminds me of Japanese nail art which I adore. Should expect to see more designs like these ^^

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