NOTD: China Glaze’s Material girl

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Out of the whole Eye candy collection I think this is the one I was looking forward to wear a lot. I slapped this on quickly before I left the house for a dinner date with some friends and it didn’t even take as long as it usually does.

Material girl is full of fine pink glitters mixed with small, some medium and some holo hexagon glitters in a clear base. The holo glitters aren’t too much which is why in one of the photos what looks one orange reflecting glitter is sitting lonely at the tip of the accent nail. Its jam packed so one coat covers ¾ of the nail and you can finish it off with only two coats to be opaque.

This one like the other polishes I’ve tried from the collection dries matte. It didn’t even feel half as rough as those gritty glitter polishes, I like that but it still doesn’t stop it from chipping easily. This is why I highly recommend a top coat unless you’re in favour of the matte look because it’ll prolong the polish wear and it gives the glitters much more shine, it becomes more sparkly.

I felt like superwoman trying to whiz through the whole manicure process as it felt like the polish dried a little fast, other than that absolutely no problem with the formula. But things just doesn’t like to go smooth when you’re in a hurry doesn’t it. I knocked one of my nails onto another bottle of polish and had to redo it, it felt like I spent ages painting and waiting on just that one nail.

What’s your favourite glitter polish? What was the last glitter polish you had/have on?

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  1. It looks really nice on your nails. I would get this polish just for the name, lol. Pink nail polish or pink glitter isn't something I wear very often.


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