Some nail freebies

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I really need to write more often, after going back into study; it feels like my writing skills have become terrible. My last post was about Valentines so it’s been a while hasn’t it? 

These are some of the items I received from my Points2shop account that I wanted to show you. I decided to pick up some Konad stamping polishes just to see how well they work compared to normal polish. I got the basic colours, the ones that I knew I'd definitely get more uses out of which is the black, white and royal purple. I also chose the Konad M59 nail plate because it had some cute images.

The rest are non-nail related but I still decided to throw it in this post just so they don't feel left out. I really like burning candles in my room. It feels nice to fall back on your nice comfy chair or sit on your bed with your laptop, a hot drink by your side with a lovely candle scent waffling in the background. The only thing I'm afraid of is getting too comfy and falling asleep with a candle burning. 

I got a Yankee votive sampler in the scent Christmas rose around December. I wanted my room to smell 'Christmas-sy' but it didn't smell that great. It just has that rosy scent I'm not too fond of but just alright with.

I also ordered some Yankee wax tarts in the scents red velvet which smells delicious, French vanilla and vanilla cupcake which was a wrong item sent to me. It was originally supposed to be Christmas cupcake but I guess there might not have been a big difference between the two. It still smells nice anyway. The funny thing is I don't even have a tart burner yet. I’m looking to get one except I always end up thinking I don't need it yet and end up buying something else.

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