Color Club's Fiesta collection review and swatches

Friday, June 07, 2013

Been so long since I purchased some Color club polishes! All the swatches were done before I went on my blog break so I've delayed this post long enough. My nails have since then started to look a bit rough. I really miss my nail shape in the photos but I can't seem to get it to look like that again. My nail shapes are really inconsistent.

Anyway, here's Color Club's Fiesta collection which was introduced for Spring 2013.

L-R: Mamba, Flamingo, Wild cactus, Sunrise canyon, Endless summer, On the rocks.
The first photo was taken with the polishes lined on blank piece of paper. The second is one I took using my newly made lightbox which post about later. What do you think? The picture quality and lighting is a bit better right?

Mamba - An infectious shade of fire-engine red.
Both photos taken indoors.
Mamba is like your classic red with a nice creamy consistency. I didn't apply any top coat just to show how it'll look without (it was also because I was lazy). It dries to a glossy finish and only one coat is needed for full opacity which is a win win. I have one coat on the middle and index finger whilst there's two on the ring and pinkie just for comparison. There really isn't a big difference. This is definitely worth getting if you're a red polish lover. 

Flamingo - A flamingo pink fit for the tropics
All three photos taken outdoors.
Flamingo to me is like a hot pink creme and is one of the very few that makes me want to wear it for a little longer. The formula is a little on the runny side which makes the first coat streaky but the second is much better. There was some random sheer patches which are very unnoticeable unless you're up close. You could go ahead with a third coat but two was fine for me. No top coat here either.

Wild cactus - An emerald green oasis of color.
Both photos taken outdoors.
Wild cactus. The hardest shade out of the bunch to to capture accurately. It shows up more like a turquoise and less like the deep green creme it really is. I'm wearing two coats in the swatches; the first being a little sheer and opaque on the second. I'm just alright with this colour only because green isn't my favourite.

Endless summer - Cerulean blue
First and third photo taken indoors, the second outdoors.
Endless summer. I've never heard of such a blue until I checked the description for Endless summer on the Color Club website. After consulting Google I think it's the perfect description. This one comes with a normal formula but happens to be sheer and very streaky on the first coat. The second is better but you'll still see some VNL. There's two coats on my middle and index finger and three on my ring and pinkie which shows minimal VNL.

From the photos you can already tell it dries to that matte/semi-matte rubbery finish so I applied top coat to the middle and index finger. Looks good both ways but I prefer it glossy.

Sunrise canyon - Sunny shade of yellow
First photo taken indoors and the second outdoors.
Sunrise canyon. Sunny shade of yellow? I think there's something missing from Color Club's description. This one is like a murky yellow with a bit of green mixed in, a little bit of shrek green. A normal consistency for this one with two coats in the swatches. It turned out a little streaky with some VNL so I'd suggest three coats.

On the rocks - Metallic shimmering silver
First photo taken indoors and the other outdoors.
On the rocks. A straightforward silver shimmery foil. Very shiny with very obvious brushstrokes but it applies smoothly. It's best to apply this carefully so it comes out evenly. The cleanup process was a pain with this one though with the shimmer leaking whenever it came in contact with the acetone.

Overall all the polishes in this collection had a fast drying time and easy application. Apart from Endless summer I didn't apply a top coat to any of the other shades because they dry to a nice glossy finish but I'd recommend doing so just to maintain the shine and wear.

The shades aren't really unique apart from Endless summer and Sunrise canyon which I find is the less common/weird ones. If you have a thing for those type of polishes then you could consider those. The rest are easily duped so if you have anything similar then you could skip those.

Even though this was Color Club's Spring collection but I feel they're more the Summer since they're bright and bold. They're good enough to kick start the season with especially Mamba, Flamingo and Endless summer. Mamba and flamingo has to be my favourite out of the six.

This is the last collection swatch I have for you for now. It won't be a while until I have any other swatches up because I want to focus on some nail designs. I suck at coming up with creative ones but I'll give it a try.

Did you purchase any from this collection? Which shade do you like the most?

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  1. These are all beautiful!
    I only own 2 CC polishes, I grabbed a Holiday duo with a red and a flakie top coat. Haven't tried them yet though.

  2. My favorite is the teal color. I've been dying to get their Halo Hue collection. It's just a matter of time before I cave in.


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