Quick comeback post! Essie's Splash of grenadine

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Here's a quick post for you all just to say I'M BACK! Thanks to the followers that stayed with me! It's been a hard few weeks and even though things didn't go smooth for me in that time I can finally come back to blogging. I've missed it!

A lot of you might not know but I used to blog elsewhere other than blogspot and after looking through my polish collection I realised I have many that I haven't posted about on my official blog. So I've decided to go through my stash and show you what else I have. 

This is Essie's Splash of grenadine. Essie describes it as a magenta pink. I remember this was one of the first Essie polishes I picked up, got them for a bargain price too!

SoG has a thin consistency so the first coat is sheer, the second coat is much better but you're still left with a bit of VNL. It'll help if a thicker second coat was applied to cover the naked patches and attempt to even things out. This is one of those polishes that dry to a nice shine but a top coat is a must for me. Smooth application overall.

Both photos taken indoors.

After a while I thought things were a little plain so I decided to play around with the Barry M nail art pens I purchased after work. Here's a lousy attempt at some lace nails. 

I'll have a review for the pens up whenever I've given them all a good try.

What was the first Essie polishes you purchased? Have you tried Splash of grenadine or the nail art pens yet?

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