Strawberry swirl water marble

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Woo. It's time to blog about a water marble design again. This was done two months ago in April but they weren't kept on for long. It was my birthday soon after so I redid them quickly just for the day. nothing special was added to it though since I didn't have much time. In the end it was just a plain manicure and I didn't even manage to snap a photo.

For the nail shape on my index finger, my nails ALWAYS chip at the corners and this is what you're left with when you can't be bothered to file them all down to the same size and shape. 

I've had this water marble design at the back of my head for quite a while now. It's easy and sort of reminds me of the strawberry Cornetto ice cream. I couldn't get the right amount of each colour on the nail because I think I added too many layers and the red took more space than the pink.

As usual the base is Essie's Blanc, the pink is China Glaze's Something sweet and the red is Misa's So HOT in sunglasses which I've used as a manicure on it's own HERE before.
Both polishes really suit the water marble method because they spread nice and fast but I kept realising something sweet having holes once it's in the water. Lucky it didn't really show up on the nails.

There's one thing that never fails to make things harder for me later and that's my laziness! I really couldn't bother to line my cuticles with sellotape so here's how my nails looked before the cleanup. It took me a good while to make things look neat after that but my fingers felt good once all the unwanted stuff was gone.

Bottle shot L-R: Something sweet, So HOT in sunglasses.
I think I want to do another water marble nail design but it's always hard trying to choose which colours I should pair with which, there's so many options in my stash! What colour combo water marble should I do next? Any suggestions?

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  1. Ooo I love these! And I know the feeling of cleaning up all that mess, I did the same thing when I tried it.

  2. @Chantal Halley
    I really need to learn from my mistakes and stop doing it but I forget how hard it was the other times LOL.


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