China Glaze's Ahoy

Sunday, January 05, 2014

I'm excited about posting this one. It's an oldie but still a gorgeous one in my books. You might have come across this one somewhere else but I'd still like to introduce you to China Glaze's Ahoy! 

China Glaze's Ahoy is a bright fuchsia raspberry pink with some gold flakies/shimmer. It's more obvious in person and ahh doesn't this polish look like such a juicy pink!

CG Ahoy. Light box photo.
CG Ahoy light box photo.

As for the application, the first coat was sheer but smooth with a bit of VNL peeking through but it's nothing a second coat couldn't solve which is what you're seeing in the pictures. With a good and normal consistency this one was so easy to apply; very easy to clean up too with a decent drying time but it just made my hands look a little pale. Doesn't matter though, I will definitely be going back to this one some time maybe for some nail art? 

CG Ahoy. Window photo.

CG Ahoy. Outdoor photo.

CG Ahoy. Outdoor photo.
Do you own China Glaze's Ahoy? What nail art can you suggest for this polish? :)

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