First Nails Inc lucky dip order

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Some time in October last year I discovered this Nails Inc deal whilst browsing Instagram so when my purse was feeling a little bulgy I thought it would've been nice to treat myself to some nail goodies especially since it's my the first time trying this brand. I posted a photo of my first Nails Inc order on Instagram but here's a show of what I really got. 

These were all on a lucky dip deal where you receive seven full sized random polishes for £18 which is an amazing deal. One polish alone retails for £11 which I couldn't find myself justifying the price after trying them out. Nevertheless if it's a decent brand that's good value for money, I'm on it.

I purchased two sets along with a random polish to qualify for free shipping. That's £41 in total for 15 polishes making them about £2.74 each compared to the £11. Can't complain can you? My order was submitted on the 18th and it arrived at my door on the 24th.

The site claims that everything is picked and random so there's a chance you might receive the same polish again but I'm happy that didn't happen to me. 

So here's all the nail polishes in no particular order:

Bristol, Royal arcade, Lanesborough place, Barbican, Countess road 

Mornington crescent, Battersea, Richmond terrace, Chancery lane, Mortimer street

Hammersmith, Mayfair, Sloane gardens, Pembridge crescent, Swiss cottage

Bristol, Royal arcade

Lanesborough place, Barbican

Countess road, Mornington crescent

Battersea, Richmond terrace

Chancery lane, Mortimer street

Hammersmith, Mayfair

Sloane gardens, Pembridge crescent

Swiss cottage
Swiss cottage was the last polish I picked up to get free shipping. I found it similar to the duochrome polish(?) which so many people was talking about awhile while back.

The polish names are pretty interesting in a way that they're places in the UK, mainly London I think which means everytime I read one of the polish names I'm like 'I've been there' or 'I know that place'

So far I've tried a few since receiving these. Not quite sure they're worth £11 (which is a little more expensive than some places that retail OPI) but for the price I got them I'll say they're good. Soon enough I'll have a line up of posts to show you what each polish looks like to stay tuned.

Have you tried Nails Inc polishes before? Which one are you most looking forward for me to try? :)

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