Max factor's fantasy fire

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Some of you might have seen this polish somewhere before, read about it somewhere around because apparently it's similar to an amazing discontinued Clarins polish which I haven't seen much about.

I've heard this polish is a little hard to find in the states? But it's not really the same story over here in the UK because I see this one quite often at work. They were part of a 3 for 2 deal, since they're only mini size it seemed wise to get a another one just in case Max factor decided to take them off the shelves one day I'll have a back up to work with.

Both of these retail for a price of £3.99 which is fairly expensive in my opinion. If it weren't a special shade I don't really go for anything Max factor when it comes to nails. After the 3 for 2 offer along with my staff discount and extra discount during Christmas I literally got these for free.

Ah just look at the bottle shade. I know I'm going to have some trouble describing this one. Fantasy fire is a purple bas with some red, blue-ish greeny shimmer shining through. There might be a bit more to it too but it's hard to see through.

It applied smoothly but the polish was so sheer especially on the first and second coat. This is actually my second time wearing this since the paint job was horrible on the first but with both times I'd say it's best with three which is what I'm wearing here. The colour effect is so hard to capture but it's best viewed in sunlight.

Though it looked great in the bottle I wasn't so excited about it on my nails. I have seen people layer FF over other polishes so I might give that a try. Might like it better than on it's own.

What do you think of MF's FF? What do you suggest layering this over? :)

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  1. I love this polish sooo much more when applied over a black color. It looks amazing under sunlight, because it sparkles between red, copper and green. It's awesome!

  2. I adore this polish and it's really hard to get in the US as Max F left our market before this came out. I wear mine over deeper but still bright blues. In the summer I love to use it over a med cream pink.


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