Nails Inc's Swiss cottage with some pastel chevron tips

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

If you thought the previous post was the last you’ll be seeing of the Nails Inc polishes well then you’re wrong. All that came in the lucky dip order had been swatched but seeing as free shipping were just a few pounds away, ordering one last polish seemed like the best decision and so here you have Nails Inc’s Swiss cottage.

Is this one looking a little familiar to you? Maybe you’ve seen another one like it somewhere else? Swiss cottage actually reminds me of OPI just spotted the lizard which was pretty much the trend back then when the collection it belonged to came out. It’s one of the reasons why it was added to my basket and at a clearance price of £5, why not? I’m excited to show you how this one turned out for me.

Swiss cottage is one of those very shiny shimmery metallic duochromes. What a shame it only just shows up green under my camera but there is some colour shifting going on with this one. I couldn’t be happier with the formula of this polish because it applied as smooth as butter and you’re only looking at two coats with no top coat here. Due to the finish it was expected to have brush strokes, no big deal here except it’s shimmery goodness making things a little harder for me to clean-up.

As much as I was excited to try this one out I couldn’t really find myself wearing this one alone. Maybe because the extra shiny reflective look just screamed ‘LOOK AT ME’ too much and it just didn’t match well with me so I gave it extra decorations. 

Here’s Swiss cottage with pastel chevron tips!

Using China Glaze’s Refresh mint, a must have shade for spring and Color club’s Endless I free handed the design by painting the corners of each nail letting CC’s Endless overlap CG’s refresh mint. It’s surprising how this just turned things around; I love it much more than before.

I'm so over the rainy and cold weather already, can't wait for the cool spring breeze to be blowing my way. How's everyone coping? Ready for spring yet? Even if you're not thanks for reading, hope this post was enjoyable for everyone :)

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