Nails Inc's Pembridge crescent

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Even though I've shown you more than a few Nails Inc's post already, this one is actually the first I've ever tried. The lid turned out to be plastic which didn't have much weight to it and the brush was short than the ones I've used before. These all felt weird to use but it got better after some time.

Here I have Nails Inc's Pembridge crescent to show you which is a purple grey shade.

The consistency of this one was normal going on thick and surprisingly one coat was close to opaque with this polish. Of course having two would be better but as this was the first time working with this polish things got a bit patchy/draggy.

This dried pretty fast with and without a top coat. I may have knocked into it lightly a few times but the polish remained intact and that's good enough for me.

Personally don't think I could get myself to buy these at £11 per bottle but for the deal that these polishes came in I wouldn't mind picking some more up :)

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