Nails Inc's Chancery lane and Mortimer street swatch

Saturday, April 05, 2014

This is the last two polishes that were part of the lucky dip deal I received for my order last year but I'll be showing these as nail swatches rather than a full manicure. It feels unfair that these were the only ones I didn't wear but I couldn't find the right mood for these.

Here's Nails Inc's Chancery lane which is a mix of blue with medium silver hex glitters, holographic ones and part of what seems like you'd get in a concrete polish; it has that sort of gritty texture. I've actually given this a try way before these nail swatches were done but it was the reason why they didn't end up being shown as a full manicure.

Here, the picture shows three coats with no top coat and it was pretty patchy. Recently when my job didn't allow me enough time for my manicures I'd try to find 30 minutes before work for some quick nail dos but Chancery lane just didn't work out well. Application was hard and it required more time to work on the uneven and patchy parts so in the end it all had to come off. 

The concept of this polish is 'one bottle no mess' so they mixed in a few things together. It's no mess all right but application was a much trickier than I had imagined. Did actually look forward to this one as well. Below is a closer picture of what it looks like.

Next up is Mortimer street an off yellowy caramel shade, a shimmery pearl duochrome? See some of that pinky purple colour showing through? At one point I thought I saw a little bit of green too but that might my lighting playing tricks on me.

The swatch only took 2-3 coats with easy and smooth application. There's some obvious brush strokes but usually polishes of these finishes end up with some of those. This one didn't seem to match my skin tone I weren't feeling this one. Hopefully I'll find a use for it in future. Nail art maybe?

To finish everything off, here's both swatches side by side. Chancery lane and Mortimer street.

Would you wear any of the two? If so which one? Have you ever had a polish that gave you some hassle? 

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