Gradient on nude stamping with Orly

Friday, November 07, 2014

When it comes to picking my next manicure shade, there's almost every colour of the rainbow in front of me, I'm racking my brains out and in the end I go with the nude. Some people think it must be easy when you're just choosing something like colours but I swear I spend more time thinking about which polish than actually painting with them.

My nudes are just so underused but they're good bases for when you want to add designs without having the base take away any attention from it. All polishes used here were from Orly because the colours were a great match for fall and if I don't take them out any sooner it'll soon be like they don't even exist in my stash.

The base is Orly's Glow and using Orly's flicker, flare and smolder I dabbed each shade on different parts of the image before scraping everything off and transferring them to the nails. These polishes all belong to the Orly fired up collection which came out for fall 2012.

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