Models Own's Strawberry tart and reverse stamping

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

From the moment I'd finished this design, I've been dying to share this on my Instagram. My first reverse stamping attempt and it is a success! The choice of colours were very simple yet they just matched so well, so bravo Choi, bravo! (Pats on the back)

For this manicure you'll need:
  • One coat of your preferred base coat (I used Essie's Protein base coat)
  • Apply two coats of Models Own's Strawberry tart, a pastel pink polish. One I do like to go back to once in a while. The photo above shows it as a full mani on it's own. This polish is part of MO's scented collection and the smell is still there for my one.
  • Apply a layer of top coat on a nail stamper.
  • With a design from the Moyou's Kaleidoscope collection plate 01 and the Konad white stamping polish, do as you'd normally do to transfer the image onto the scraper.
  • With your choice of polish shades, colour in parts of the design whilst it is still sitting on the scraper. A dotting tool, toothpick or thin brush is recommended for this part especially if you're going to be painting the smaller/intricate parts.
    Here I simply used Misa's I will survive, a standard black and Barry M's Gold foil.
  • Once the colouring is done, apply a layer of top coat over the design and wait 10 minutes for it to dry. 
  • Using tweezers, gently remove the design from the stamper and place on the ring finger nail. If the design rips, you may need to leave it for a few extra minutes before attempting to remove it again. If the design still looks a bit 'wet' then I'd suggest doing so.
  • Seal the whole nail one coat of your preferred top coat. (I use INM's Out the door.)

Have you tried the reverse stamping method yet? Well, you should! The process is a little time consuming with a bit of waiting here and there especially if you're going to go ahead with doing the full thing but the results are very satisfactory.

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