Orly's Rapture and glitter sponged tips

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Glitter always adds such a kick to a plain manicure, it's like a party at the tip of your fingers. But it's the trouble of making the glitters look less clumped up on some parts of the nail that steers me away from doing this design more often. Sometimes over sponging can be a bit of a problem for me too. Despite that, my glitter tips attempt has given me a look I'd think was okay to show on the internet. I do think it looked better in person than in photos though.

For this manicure you'll need:
  • One coat of your preferred base coat (I used Essie's Protein base coat)
  • Apply two coats Orly's Rapture.
  • With a sponge gently dab a Orly's Flare - Gold shimmer and China Glaze's I'm not lion - Gold glitter at the tips of the nail.
  • When you feel they've been sponged evenly and you're satisfied with what it looks like, seal with one coat of your preferred top coat. (I use INM's Out the door.)

Does anyone have any tips and tricks when attempting these sort of designs?

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