Models Own Pink lilac gradient & new nail shape!

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Here it finally is! The new nail shape. I'm still deciding between almonds and stiletto but unlike before this time it's here to stay. I'n trying to grow the length a little because from all the pictures I've seen I quite like the longer almonds/stilettos. So far I'm liking the whole change. 😊

For this manicure:

  • Apply one coat of your preferred base coat (I used Essie's Protein base coat)
  • Paint two coats of any white as base.
  • Using Models Own's Paradise pink and Lilac sheen, apply to a cosmetic sponge and sponge each nails until you're satisfied.
  • With a white polish and the large flower image on the Bundle Monster Nailstamp4fun BM-XL206 plate, stamp each nail. The white polish dried up before I could transfer the full image to some nails, the middle finger nail for instance. But I like this 'broken' image look.
  • Add China Glaze's Glitter me this on the ring finger nail.
  • Seal everything with a top coat. I used OPI's top coat.

I'm finding it quite tricky to get the right shape/maintaining it. I guess it'll get easier over time but I can't wait for them to grow out ^^

What do you think of my new nail shape?

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