Combined Boots haul

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This is what happens when you study near a big shopping mall. You just can't help but wander around in there and sometimes you don't want to come out empty handed. Here's what I purchased on two different occasions. I decided to combine them in one post since they're all from the same store and some nail polishes belong to the same collection.

Top row L-R: Bubblegum, Luis lemon, Toxic apple, Pink punch, Pukka purple, Aqua violet
Bottom row L-R: Banana split, Blueberry muffin, Strawberry tart, Grape fruit, Apple pie, Purple blue
The first time I picked up two neons and all the pastels except the pink one, strawberry tart, because they didn't have any in stock and I didn't know it existed. All Models own polishes retail for £5 each and Boots were having a 3 for 2 promotion so I purchased 6 polishes for £20.

On the second trip I picked up the four remaining of the pastel and neon collection and since I didn't want to let go of the promotion I picked up another two, aqua violet and purple blue. I purchased three of them using the points I had on my Boots advantage card since I had £15 in my account so I received them for three and paid £10 for the rest. 

Talking about this I didn't quite like the sales assistant that served me. I had to separate my transaction into two since I didn't have enough points to purchase the whole 6 and her expression made me feel like I was being a little troublesome. She's lucky she smiled at me as I left, it saved her LOL.

I needed a nail polish remover because the I finished the 100ml Curex bottle I previously hadone I had much quicker than I thought I would and only after I received it in the post did I notice that it contained acetone. I think my nails could do with less of that harsh chemical since I already use it for cleanups.

I've used a Sally Hansen remover before but couldn't remember which one, they seemed to work okay for me so I picked the SH acetone free one for artificial and sensitive nails. I wanted something a bit more strengthening and nourishing but the ones they offered didn't meet my needs or contained acetone. This 200ml bottle costed £2.45. Got slightly annoyed when I found that I could've purchased this cheaper elsewhere though.

I really don't need two removers but I've heard about this one before and was really interested so I picked it up without having a second thought. I'll be doing a review after I've used this long enough. This is priced at £4.99

Purple blue
Aqua violet
Last but not least, here's a bottle shot of the two extra polishes I took home with me. I believe both of these are from the beetlejuice collection which I told myself I'll get someday.

In total it came up to £52.44 for 14 items altogether but only £37.44 came out of my pocket. That's like £2.68 per item. I like to think of it like that because it makes things seem more worth it :)

Hope you enjoyed my haul! :)

Do you own any models own polishes? What do you think of them?

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