China Glaze's Blue years eve

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Surprised to see a post coming from me? So am I. LOL. Autumn is here and the weather is becoming horrible but it'll be Christmas before we know it so I'm going to show you on off my favourite blues from a winter collection.

This is China Glaze's Blue years eve. A nice shimmery blue that looks glass fleck-y. My photos are a little inaccurate because blues never tend to look true to colour anyway but here it's not far off. Maybe just a little lighter here. 

The first coat was just a little sheer and I was more than happy to leave it at two which is what you're seeing in the photos. Normal consistency, easy cleanup and lots of shimmer; I'm satisfied with this polish.

What's your all time favourite blue? Christmas has to be one of my favourite seasons. What's yours? :D

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  1. Love this shade - when this collection was out, I did pick this one up - could not resist the shimmery blue - can recall there was a really close dup for this one previously released by ChG and i had that one too but as said could not turn my head away from this one...knew it had to be brighter or more glass fleck shimmery looking then the previous one..but now for the life of me cannot think what the other shade's name was!


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