China glaze Icicle, first mate and light as air water marble

Friday, April 03, 2015

I've definitely been slacking on my blog and Instagram lately just waiting for my nails to grow back and take the right shape again. Having them unpolished for so long let me realise that they're actually a little yellow, they're usually covered with polish so I didn't notice properly until now. Well, break has been a little long but I must get back on track. 

To catch up here's a design with some China Glaze polishes using the dry water marble method.
All was well except the silver shimmer kept spilling whilst drawing the design which didn't make the lines look neat.

For this manicure you'll need:

  • One coat of your preferred base coat (I used Ciate mini's Underwear)
  • A cup of water and with your choice of polishes drip each one in the order you like in the water.
  • Here I used China glaze Icicle - Silver shimmer, First mate - Navy blue, Light as air - light grey purple.
  • With a toothpick draw any design - I think it's best to look for some pictorials or video tutorials for this step because it's just not easy to explain in words.
  • Wait about 10 until the polish has fully dried on the surface of the water. Slowly pick it up with some tweezers, position it on the nail and cut off the excess.
  • Seal with one coat of your preferred top coat. (I use Misa's UV Bounceback)

The problem with this method is if the polish was left out for too long whilst positioning it will get crispy dry and start to crumble making it easy to lose a piece whilst applying it to the nail. That's exactly what happened at the tip of my middle finger so it had to be patched up with any piece of the polish.

Easter is already here but unfortunately I won't be having any easter designs.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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