Misa's Double dutch & China Glaze's Techno

Friday, April 10, 2015

I've kept my nails unpolished during Easter whilst waiting for my nail to form the right shape but thank gosh I had some manicures done previously and the next one just about fits Easter with its sweet colour.

Here is a single chevron negative space mani with Misa's Double dutch which is a lavender pink. I layered it with China Glaze's Techno which is a  mix of different sized holographic silver glitters. 

Only after looking at the photos closely now I just realised that there were some air bubbles more visible on my middle nail. It did feel good to wear some of my old polishes though. I still remember Techno being one of the holographic glitters I liked to pick out more often than the others.

What is/are your favourite holographic glitters? May be a little late to ask but everyone had a nice Easter? ;)

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