Models Own's Heart Red

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

For today's post I'm actually quite proud of how the photos came out because the colour looks amazing and it's even making my skin look quite smooth against it.

Here I have Models Own's Heart Red which is a sort of orangey red. Very bright. It's one of the skin tone washing colours where it could make your hands look pale white. I think I've gotten less bothered about that as I wear more of these type of shades.

As with all the other polishes from the diamond luxe collection, the gold diamond dust is not really showing up on my nails but they definitely don't fail to make an appearance from the bottle.

I've got about two coats on here and that's about enough to get things looking opaque. Not only the application but the clean up was also easy peasy but I don't remember if any top coat was applied after because the surface is looking a little bumpy. It might have been one of those moments where I snap a picture before a design or top coat just in case anything messes up. I don't think a design happened in the end though.

Do you own any polishes from the diamond luxe collection? Which one is your favourite?

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