NOTD: Essie’s going incognito and BM 210

Friday, June 08, 2012

I removed my previous water marble manicure (not shown on this blog) as it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to but that didn’t stop me from wanting to do more nail art. Just this time I opted for something much easier something I’ve tried before, nail stamping.

Top and bottom photo taken indoors, natural light
I used Essie’s going incognito with the BM image plate 210 using Essie’s Blanc. Poor Blanc, whenever it comes to nail art it’s always the first polish I go to because it’s the safest option and the only white I have. Pretty sure I’ve used it and abused it so many times.

Photo taken indoors, natural light
Photo taken outdoors, natural light
Essie describes going incognito as a ‘deep emerald green’, fairly accurate description. It’s deeper in photos than I actually think it is in person. My camera just refuses to picture how it really looks. It’s slightly, just a little lighter. It looks more like how it is in the bottle.

Even being such a deep-ish green it still needed two coats. One thick coat might have done the job but it’s always been two and above for me. I added a top coat after, just before I started stamping in case I made any mistakes which I did in the end.

I chose the leafy looking image because I felt it would have been most appropriate considering going incognito reminds me of a tree. Essie’s Blanc wasn't thick enough so image didn’t transfer properly and fully so I had to use cotton bud (Q tip) to lightly remove the part that didn’t look so good.  

I added four light green rhinestones I bought from Ebay at the tip of the leaves. After almost a week three out of the four still remain on my accent nail, I’ve even attempted to pick them off but stopped after I thought my nail might break before it comes off.

Photo taken indoors, natural light
I can’t figure out if I like this shade or not. I think it’s alright but nothing special. I guess me and greens just aren’t the best match. 

How’s everyone feeling recently? What’s your current NOTD? :)

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