NOTD: OPI’s Coney Island cotton candy

Friday, June 01, 2012

Please excuse the amount of photos, I know they all look really similar but because of that I didn’t know which one I should’ve deleted. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to picture my nails, how to position my fingers, my background, lighting and so on.

Here we have the OPI that I found highly suspicious at first, Coney Island cotton candy. Whether it’s authentic or not I still used it. Wasn’t so bad in my opinion. It’s a sheer nude pink with a hint of beige to it, it’s very soft.

Photo 1 & 2 taken indoors, natural light
The first coat is just a light wash of pink, so it can be used in a French manicure otherwise it can be built to look like what it is in my photos with 3 slightly thick coats. There were a few streaks at first but it slowly evens itself out on the nails. Formula was on the runny side so you’ll need to take off the excess before you start working.

With so many coats you might want to refrain from doing anything before it dries a bit. In the space of 10-20 minutes I’ve smudged a few nails on my right hand, the lucky thing is you could smooth everything back out carefully. You could still see the visible nail line but it’s nothing too noticeable unless you stare closely at it. 

Rest of the photos taken on the balcony, during sunset
It’s a pretty nice shade. I knew I’d like it even before I’ve applied it because it screams elegance from the bottle, not so much when it’s three coats on the nails but it’s still looking good.

I’m looking to try out some Zoya polishes but I’m having trouble finding a reliable and cheap supplier that ship to/within the UK. I’ve currently placed an order on a site which I found out had bad reviews. Fingers crossed my order will reach me. If anyone knows of a good site to buy Zoyas please let me know! 

What is your go to favourite sheer nude polish? What do you think about this shade?

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