Wednesday, June 13, 2012

 I made a post previously about my experience with a nail polish e-tailer but here’s the post about my actual haul. As much as I hated dealing with the company, I quite like the polishes I received. I ordered a bunch of Zoyas from their 2012 Spring collection.

I purchased:
5 polishes from the True collection (Originally ordered 6 but only received 5)

Cho – a creamy nude beige that leans slightly yellow.

Farah – Nude beige very similar to Cho except it’s a little darker. Has a little grey tint to me

Bevin – slightly murky turquoise green colour. Kind of reminds me of an OPI polish from the strangers tide collection but I don’t think they’re similar

Skylar – A blue polish with load of silver shimmer

Tru – my favourite out of the bunch. A muted purple with shimmer that shines red/gold

2 polishes from the fleck collection (Originally ordered 3 but only received 2)

Opal – a flakie in a sheer green base that shines green and blue but I see more green than blue here

Maisie – a flakie in a sheer blue base that shines blue and green

It came up to a total of £42.02 including shipping and came within two weeks by priority mail international. I’ve tried one polish already and I can say the colour doesn’t look right on me but the formula is pretty good. 

What do you think of the polishes I got? Have you tried Zoyas yet? What was the first Zoya you purchased?

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