Models own pastel fish braids - First attempt

Monday, October 14, 2013

It feels like way past the time where I should be posting about pastels but I just wanted to show off my first attempt at these fish braid nails. The method itself was much easier than I thought and even without the perfect brush strokes I wanted to do, the end look still impressed me.

All four polishes used was from the Models own scented fruit pastel collection of which I've done a seperate post of with swatches of the whole collection. You can check it out HERE. Please bear in mind that that post was done before I made myself a light box so the photo quality isn't going to be impressive.

I admit that the picture quality of these ain't so great. My photo box lighting went and washed out the pastel colours making them look even lighter but they're acceptable, right?

The base is two coats of MO's Grape juice and after waiting for it to dry properly, I painted a stripe of the following polishes in turn:

  • Strawberry tart
  • Banana split
  • Apple pie
All of them had the same consistency being sheer and watery which caused them to blend together a little. The middle finger is a little messed up in a way that I had to layer the polish on a little thicker and that'll be the downside for me with this nail design.

They all smelt yummy mixed together though that I could've almost eaten them!

Here's a photo of the fish braid design on just the accent nail before I thought it might have looked even better as a full manicure but I actually prefer this before look.

So that's all from me then. What do you guys think? Which one do you prefer? The fish braid accent or as a full manicure? :)

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  1. I love the scented polishes from Models Own, they are the perfect pastel shades and I wear them all year round :)

  2. I love this pastel fishtail look, so pretty! I have only done fishtail once, it was so time consuming, but the turn out is worth it! I like the accent nail more, but a full mani looks really awesome too! :)


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