OPI's Ski teal we drop and CG's Icicle

Friday, October 18, 2013

This is one simple design but I've been longing to get this one done WITHOUT messing up. I can't tell you how many attempts I've had with this manicure because I can't quite remember myself but it's finally done!

The base is OPI's Ski teal we drop which is my favourite teal; still feel the same about it everytime it's worn. This one just never gets old with me. After applying some striping tape, I carefully painted half the nails with China Glaze's Icicle which is just a shimmery foil. 

Definitely pleased with the overall look of this one. It still looked a little fresh even between 1-3 days of wear especially after a nail file down. Looked similar to how it was after it was first done.

Most times I like to picture the base colour on its own before I go ahead with any design just in case things don't turn out right. Experience learned from all the other times that it didn't. This is OPI's STWD without a top coat.

This one had smooth application and normal consistency. Like most polishes the first coat is sheer and but to a minimum, just a few patches here and there. There's no complaints after two coats because everything was covered. 

So what do you like to pair your silver polishes with? What's your favourite teal? :)

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  1. I was just deciding on a new silver foil and it look like this might be perfect. I love the manicure, it's all about clean lines and shapes these past few weeks, especially on instagram :)


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