China Glaze's Tinsel town

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I remember when I first started painting my nails I couldn't wait until the next time I did them so I could slap on the sparkly glitters waiting in line. Now that doesn't seem like the case anymore but it feels nice to wear one again; just a dense glitter polish on its own.

CG's TT. Two coats. One layer of top coat

CG's Tinsel town is full of fine silver and grey glitters with small round and hexagon ones in a sheer grey base. It's too dazzling to actually see the shape of them closely. This one has been sitting in my drawer for a little too long that the formula seems to have thickened a little but no big deal. It's nothing that a bit of nail polish thinner can't solve and it's still usable except a lot of the silver glitters are now stuck on the side of the bottle and won't budge.

CG's TT. One coat. No top coat

The first coat is almost opaque and that is what I'm wearing in the photo above. You can see the pinkie clearly needs another coat so I added one. CG's TT dries matte like the others in the collection even after one layer of top coat. Just add another for more glossiness. 

CG's TT. Two coats. No top coat

What's your favourite glitter?

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  1. I love this nail polish so much! It looks incredible even without a top coat and it's great because it's also very opaque.


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