I'm having Monday blues.. before Monday

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I know it's not even Monday yet but that'll be when my 100th blog post goes live and I didn't want it to be as blue as this manicure so this one has been pushed forward. 

This manicure was planned way before my holiday even started and coincidentally fit how I felt yesterday when I found out I'll be starting work Monday again after a good two weeks holiday off work.

This is the first time I've painted my nails in a VERY LONG while. Bunnysitting has taken up a lot of my time and now I've been forced to change the setting where my nails are done, it actually feels quite uncomfortable. I felt a little like a lost case whilst painting and I seemed to have 'forgotten' how my nail pose used to be.

Light box photo. Brightened x1
What I used (Index to pinkie):

  • Index: Color club's Endless summer as base with Zoya's Maisie on top.
  • Middle: Zoya's Skylar as base, CC's ES for the cloud with Zoya's Maisie on top also
    Orly's Flare for the dots.
  • Ring: CC's ES as base and Orly's Flare on top painted with the help of striping tape.
  • Pinkie: Zoya's Skylar on its own.
Light box photo. Brightened x2

I've actually posted about some of the polishes mentioned before on its own.You can check out a swatch of Color club's Endless summer HERE along with the rest of the shades from the same collection. The swatch post actually shows it closer to the true shade compared to these photos.

Zoya's Skylar on its own HERE but I really hate the pictures are there because that was way before I made a light box and made use of any photo editing software. Back then I used to think it was okay as well. Yuck. LOL

Outdoor photo. Brightened x1
Indoor window photo. Brightened x2

To be honest I don't hate this manicure but I don't particularly like it either. It looked a little different than I imagined and added a bit more than I planned. I just wish those gold dots on the middle finger weren't added because you can hardly tell that it's actually a cloud design with the dots above. 

Indoor window photo. Brightened x2

I'm not sure about the rest but I love what's on my index finger here. Never expected CC's Endless summer and Zoya's Maisie to actually match so well. Maybe a full manicure with both these polishes or possibly Maisie paired with a black? Hmm, I'll think about that one.

What do you think about this manicure?

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