Nails Inc's Sloane gardens

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hey guys, hope everything is going well for everyone. The weather is slowly getting better here in the UK and I just cant wait to get rid of my coats and scarves. Good weather means good mood and so it'll be nice for some glitter nails. Here's Nails Inc's Sloane gardens which is blue glitters in a clear base. Blues like these will never get boring for me. Seriously.


This one was supposed to be used alone but the glitters weren't dense enough to cover everything so a base colour had to be used. The colour underneath is Barry M's Blackberry which you can find a swatch of alone in my Barry M Hi shine collection post along with other colours from the set. A lightbox didn't exist in my life back then so the swatches aren't great but acceptable.

What you're seeing in the photos is one coat of Sloane gardens over two coats of Blackberry. The glitters goes on really evenly and matched really well with the base that there was no need for another coat. It also dries matte. My notes doesn't tell me anything about top coat and neither can I recall if I added one or not so I'd assume it wasn't added.

Thanks for reading. :)

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