Barry M Plum with two tone flowers

Monday, October 05, 2015

I love purple! It's still my favourite even after all the other different shades I've come across through polishing. A dark purple especially.

My base is Barry M's Plum from their Gelly Hi shine collection. This was one of those with a slightly thick consistency and only took about one coat to be opaque. It's always two for me though, just in case.
I wanted to give my base a dark edge to it so the tips were sponged with Misa's I will survive, a basic black. It didn't work out so well with the base being that dark it's hardly noticeable in person.

After trying the dark tips I wanted to give those two tone flowers a try. I don't think I did so well on that but the least the flower look is distinguishable.

For this manicure:
  • Apply one coat of your preferred base coat (I used Essie's protein base coat.)
  • Apply two coats of Barry M's Plum.
  • With a sponge and basic black polish sponge the tips until preferred results - As I mentioned this step doesn't show up as much in person so it's really optional.
  • Using a toothpick and two different shades place one dot on the nail and another in the second shade overlapping half of the first. With the pointy end of the toothpick pull the dots into the middle to give it the flower look.
    Polishes used here were OPI's A grape fit and Barry M's Silver foil effect.
  • After you're done with the flowers, randomly dot OPI's A grape fit on the middle and ring finger nail.
  • Finish off with one coat of your preferred top coat. (I used INM's Out the door top coat.)

What's your favourite dark polish?

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